About Us

Atclicks provides a comprehensive range of online marketing solutions. The company has at its disposal professional manpower and latest technology to provide solutions apt for today's market requirement.

Atclicks specializes in offering Location Based Services(LBS). The solution, along with other benefits, helps to track vehicles, assets, and mobile workforce anywhere, anytime.

Empowered with latest technology, Atclicks ITS solution is designed to simplify the complexities of Public Transportation system including traffic management, better commutation experience, and much more.

Atclicks B2B solutions are designed with emphasis on providing platform and solutions that can simplify clients' business needs at reasonable cost.

Atclicks recognizes the importance of business success and thus is committed towards helping its clients achieve business traction by combining online expertise, strong technology, and insightfulness.

Atclicks was established in 2010 and is based in India with its footprints in UK and UAE


Atclicks array of business solutions are designed keeping the current business requirement and challenges in mind. Team Atclicks understands today's business needs in the online marketing, real estate, asset management, public transportation and other domains. Atclicks' comprehensive range of business solutions includes:


Buyerday is a unique online marketing platform where buyers and sellers come together. It's a platform where the buyers and sellers interact with each other and get into business relationships. The platform reduces the sales cycle and makes it profitable for both buyers and sellers.

Location Based Services (LBS)

The transportation and logistics industry has grown multi-fold over the last few years. Customer expectations have increased even as the complexity of the projects got higher. Atclicks offers 360-degree Location Based Services to assist businesses improve efficiency, security and prevent asset loss.

Atclicks Location Based Services are available at a mouse-click. All the user requires is an active internet connection and a web browser. The vehicle or asset to be tracked is connected with a GPS tracking device. With satellite signals, the user will receive the current location of the asset/vehicle at any point of time. It's easy to manage, accurate and secure to use.

Why Location Based Services?

  • Real-time Tracking with server push technology
  • Compatible with all browsers and office software
  • Custom Map, location and route support
  • Detailed reports in multiple formats
  • Easy administration with multiple user access... And much more!

B2B Solutions

Atclicks offers B2B solutions to help businesses realize their true potential. The range of B2B solutions on offer are personalized and developed based on the requirements and scope of each client.

Mobile Marketing Portal

Atclicks offers a B2B Mobile Marketing Portal that covers the complete mobile marketing requirements of businesses across various verticals. The portal helps organizations position their businesses better in the markets with ease.

Intelligent Transport Systems

Traffic congestion, long travel hours and high fuel consumption have become a common scene of today's roadways. All these have serious environmental, economical and social implications. Transportation industry is constantly thinking of ways to improve commuter's travel experience. Atclicks' Intelligent Transport Systems help businesses improve their transport systems with the right technology.

Atclicks' Intelligent Transport Systems Features are

Passenger Information Display System or PIDS

PIDS tracks real-time travel updates and display them through multiple channels. Passengers can get to know about the arrival/departure time and other information about their mode of transportation.

Journey Planner

Journey planner assists passengers by providing a platform from which they can get information about various travel options between two points. A passenger can see and choose from different transport options and routes to reach his destination.

Automatic Vehicle location or AVL

The computer-based AVL helps in providing the real-time location of the vehicles. Transit authorities can manage fleet from a single location and can quickly respond to vehicle failure, unexpected congestion and any criminal activity. Passengers also can keep themselves informed about location of their transport system at any point of time.

Electronic Fare Payment system or AFC

Automated fare collection process has 2-fold benefits. Transit authorities can reduce labour-intensive cash handling costs and risk of theft; fare pricing can be made more sophisticated and reliable. On the other hand, passengers can travel with ease with interoperable tickets.

Traffic Messaging

Instant Traffic Messaging system broadcasts real-time traffic updates to passengers and drivers. The system also alerts about a problem on the planned route and suggests for alternative routes to avoid any travel mishaps.